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How to Search for and Evaluate Information on the Internet

Questions to Guide Studentsí Internet Search for Information:

Directions: Answer the following questions as you search for information on the greenhouse effect on the Internet. Try to make your answers as specific and as descriptive as possible.

         Step One: Get into your Web browser, and enter the following URL in the line marked Location. This URL will take you to the EPA web site on global warming. Be sure that you type the URL EXACTLY as it is written on this sheet.

         Step Two: Now follow the hypertext links to access each of the web pages contained on this site on the greenhouse effect by clicking on the underlined words.

         Step Three: Now you will practice accessing sites on your own. Answer the following questions to help guide you in your search:

         Which keyword should you enter into the search engine to find information on the greenhouse effect?

         What do you have to do to access a web file on the greenhouse effect?

         Once you have accessed this file, how do you get information on the greenhouse effect?

         After reading the article that you accessed on the Web, write two new things you have learned about the greenhouse effect using this web site.

         Step Four: Now, narrow the focus of your search to information on the effect of the greenhouse effect on water and food supplies. Do a new search and answer the above 4 questions to guide you in this new search.