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Loretta Kasper's Drawing Homework: Week 5

Here are the 6 photos I selected:

In the first photo, the lighthouse is the focal point, but the top is cut off so the viewer has to guess at what it is. The eye is drawn to the house in the background. This photo would not make a very good painting as is.

In the second photo, we have a group of manatee. I think the photo is too busy. The eye is drawn all over. The two manatee in the center could be the focal point, but a painting would need more interest.

In the third photo, the train is dead center and it is the focal point. I would move it off to the left to indicate that there is more beyond the train.

In the fourth photo of the house in the trees--I like this one, but I think the bushes in front of the house are a bit too much. I would take them out.

In the fifth photo of the carriage in the snow, I would take out the trees in the middle (the group in front of the mountain and directly behind the sled) and maybe move the sled a little more to the left.

In the sixth photo, there is too much foreground water. I would make the lighthouse the focal point by bringing it closer. I'd also shade the sky a little lighter and add more values to show the storm. This is the photo that I decided to draw.

Here is my corrected drawing of photo #6--the lighthouse at sea photo:

Posted to the Web on August 6, 2003