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Loretta Kasper's Homework for Landscape Pencil Painting
Week 1

Each of these photographs was taken at Bushkill Falls in Pennsylvania. I took them with the intention of painting a series of landscapes from Bushkill.

   I liked this scene because of the way the tree is leaning over the stream. I think I might take out the bush in the right foreground because it seems to compete with the tree and takes the viewer's eye away from the stream. I would also take out the tree in the midground that goes across the stream.

   I love the colors in this scene. I'm not sure what I would change about it and I'd appreciate your ideas on this one.

   This is a photograph of Adam's Flats, one of the locations on the hiking trail that goes through Bushkill Falls. I think I would brighten up this one because it's too dark. Also, I'd make the little pool of water more apparent.

   I'd take out the tree limb going across the lower foreground. I'd also take out the trees and shore on the left side of the photo. Perhaps thin out the trees in the background to make the stream curve and disappear into the distance.

   I like this photo a lot. The tree stump, which is the focal point, is dead center so I would move it to the left. That would take the viewer's eye into the stream and back into the painting. I'd also trim back the bush in the right midground for the same reason.

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