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Loretta Kasper's Answers to the Week 1: Review Questions

1. Take a look at the tools listed below. Please indicate, briefly, what each one does.

 Draws a line on the image

 Draws on the image using an airbrush

 Draws using various styles of paint brushes

 Crops the image

 Picks up a color from the image. Left click=foreground; right click=background color

 Photo retouching tools

 Adds text to the image

 Defines a geometric selection area

 Flood fill—fills an area of the image with a selected color

 Replaces one color with another

 Zooms in or out

1.      Of the following graphic formats: jpg, gif and bmp, which would not be recommended for use on a website? ____bmp______ Why not? _bmp is not supported by Netscape_____________________

  1. You have found a graphic on a website that you would really like to save on your hard drive. What is the easiest way of accomplishing this task? __Right click on it and choose “Save picture/target as..
  2. You have found an animated graphic on a website. What is the extension of the graphic (an extension is the last three letters of a file that tells us what format the file is. For example, Word documents have the extension .doc) _________.gif_________.
  3. What are the maximum number of colours your image can have? __16 million_________________ Minimum? ______2_________.
  4. Refer to page 18 of your text (Setting Preferences). Please list 3 preferences that are found here.
    1. General Program Preferences
    2. File Association Preferences
    3. Monitor Gamma

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Posted to the Web on Tues March 21, 2000