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  1. We have used the Magic Wand Tool for only one application at this point. By experimenting with it, as well as consulting your text, what other uses does the Magic Wand tool have? --The Magic Wand can be used to adjust the RGB value, hue, brightness or All Pixels The MW is a selection tool that allows you to select areas of an image based on various attributes of the image.
  2. You have copied an image to the clipboard and now wish to paste this image into an existing image but you do not wish to include the background of the imported image. What steps can you take to take to solve this problem?
  3. --I'd paste it as a transparent selection into the new image after setting the background of the imported image to that of the existing one.

  4. You have decided that you would like to see your image pixel by pixel so that you can make some fine colour corrections. What steps would you have to take to see each individual pixel? --I would Zoom in to at least 5-10x and then choose Grid.

Hunt through your text and the web for these answers:

  1. A color ___VALUE_____ is a numerical expression that exactly describes a color's appearance.
  2. A major advantage of interlaced over non-interlaced GIF files is that they
  3. give the user a preview of the entire image before it is completely loaded.

  4. An animated GIF file is composed of several graphic images, each one slightly different, that are displayed in rapid succession to create the desired animated effect.
    1. true

  5. On the Web, the intensity of each of the primary colors is assigned a number from 0 (absence of color) to _255___ (highest intensity).

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