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  1. What steps would you take to colorize a gray-scale image?
    You have to first increase color depth to 16 million colors. Then you choose colorize from the Colors menu and adjust the hue and saturation until you are satisfied with the result.

  2. When you choose Edit/Masks why can you only select from white, black, and grays?
    The process of applying masks is a grayscale process, so it cannot contain any color information.

  3. What are the steps involved in saving a mask?
    You first select masks, then you save to alpha channel or save to disk. Saving to alpha channel saves the mask with the image. Saving to disk saves the mask as a separate file on your disk drive.

  4. What is a major advantage to using masks with layers?
    You can apply the mask to one layer not to the entire image. This does not change the original image. Also, you can hide the mask layer.

  5. What is the advantage to using Gamma Correction over adjusting the brightness and contrast in an image?
    Gamma correction produces a more precise result. When you do a gamma correction, brightness and contrast are adjusted at the same time. This produces a better result than adjusting them separately.

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