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Week 6 Review Questions

  1. On the Web, the intensity of each of the primary colors is assigned a number from 0 (absence of color) to 255 (highest intensity).

  2. The JPEG image format is more suitable for photographs than the GIF format.

  3. The use of the Browser safe Palette guarantees that an image will be displayed without dithering.

  4. Discuss the differences between GIF and JPEG format graphic files. When should one be used over the other?

    GIFs are better to use for drawings and line art. They are restricted to a maximum of 256 colors and in PSP can have only one layer. JPEGs allow 16.7 million colors and so are better for photographs. JPEGs can be compressed to a low, medium, or high level. The higher the level of compression, the smaller the file size; however, smaller file sizes mean lower image quality.

  5. What is an image map? List a situation where an image map might be effectively used?

    An image map is a graphic that allows links to be mapped to certain coordinates in the image. Each separate set of coordinates within the image map is linked to a different web site. Image maps provide users with a graphic, rather than text-based interface for navigating a site.

  6. Provide an example of where you would use a Mask.

    I would use a mask to create different functions on a graphic or to constrain painting or a filter effect to a specific area of the image. A mask allows you to apply effects to portions of an image without modifying the entire image.

  7. Provide an example of where you would use Layers.

    I would use layers to place portions of my image onto individual sections where I could manipulate and change each portion independent of the rest of the image. For example, in creating the collage photograph for our Week 4 Project Assignment, I used several layers to add photographs to create the unified collage graphic.

  8. What is the advantage of saving your file as a PSP file?

    Saving a file as a PSP file retains all of the modifications made within the image. It retains layers applied, as well as masks and selections saved to alpha channels. Saving a file as a GIF or JPEG saves only the current version of the image. It does not save all of the steps applied as the image was modified and created.

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