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Loretta's Retirement Party
Sunday, February 26, 2006
Old Bermuda Inn

Table 1--The Bluebird of Happiness--The Odyssey Gals

Odyssey Gals Table 1

Another Photo of Odyssey Gals Table 1

The Odyssey Gals

Another Photo of The Odyssey Gals

Debbie and Loretta

Carol, Debbie and Betty

Carol, Loretta and Betty

Another Photo of Loretta, Carol and Betty

Table 2--Eyes of the King--The Sperlings and the Lorings

The Sperlings

Barbara and Bob

Barbara and Ina

Table 3--Bulldog and Blue Door--The Educators

The Weiss' and The Kantors

The Rudins and The Bernsteins

Tara and Gil

Educators Talking

Table 4--The Siamese--The Conans and the Sterlings

The Conans

Roseanne, Mara, Marvin and Robert

The Cake

Loretta, Howie and the Cake

The Cake

The Cake 2

The Parakeet Room

Parakeet Room Tables 1 and 3

Parakeet Room Tables 2 and 4

Posted to the Web on February 26, 2006
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