This is a list of on-line sites which can be used to help students practice for the ACT Reading Exam.  Wendy Maloney of Brooklyn College began this list for her students, and Ronna Levy and I added to it.  Some of these sites may be defunct. In addition to reading practice for various grade levels, some of these sites offer grammar exercises.
Pulp Fiction ( More reading practice with skimming and scanning.
Reading Practice Tests from the "South China Morning Post" newspaper ( These articles are taken from the South China Post newspaper.
Reading from College Texts ( There are three reading tests on this site. Each passage has a set of multiple choice questions for you to answer.

Texas Academic Skills Program (TASP) ( 
Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) ( 

Timed Reading ( This piece discusses the Chinese zodiac. It is a timed reading only and will calculate your speed. There are no questions, but you can write some, and we will add them.
Reading Checks ( A set of on-line reading comprehension tests.
Speed Reading On-Line ( This is a test that tests what you know about speed reading. Be careful. These people are trying to sell you their program. DON'T BUY ANYTHING,but enjoy the exercise.

ACT-Compass (
ACT - Compass is the un-timed, computerized, and instantly scored test that has been chosen by CUNY to replace the pencil-paper, ACT - Asset test you took on enrty to the College. Read the website, and try the practice test. It is smart to take full advantage of what they offer.

Reading practice
... Reading practice. The Reading exercises are for practice only. The
question types are similar to those in the actual IELTS test but ...
Twelfth Grade Proficiency Practice Test - Reading
Reading. Directions: This reading practice test is half the length of
the actual reading test. Questions on this practice test reflect ...

TASP Practice Test - Reading Section
... English through Bible study class on Wednesday nights and, later, through choir practice
on ... Formica table had been wiped down twice, when my father sat reading ...

Proof-reading practice exercises
... It rocks! ALPHA and BETA PROOF-READING PRACTICE Punctuation and spelling
Read the sentence below. Click the "REWRITE SENTENCE CORRECTLY ...  This requires that the student retype a sentence with correct punctuation.

Not a practice site, but a list of descriptions for students to read about proofreading, note taking, etc.  links to free test prep sites.  Longer reading passages  A possible mouse practice site.
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